Thursday, September 8, 2011

Something Is Missing This Year.....

Our good friend Tim, is having some health problems and we sure have missed him during this opening week of grouse season.

Tim ordered a pup from us nearly 20 years ago. That was "Moxie". When he lost Moxie he came back and got another puppy,  "Cassie".  This is Tim's words about how it all got started for him.

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Like many folks who have our pups, Tim became a life long friend. 
He has been with us opening week, for farther back than I can remember. 

We have missed his ear to ear grin and the excitement he brings to a covey flush. BIRDS, BIRDS, BIRDS!!!! He acts like a kid most of the time and it brings out the kid in all of us. We've had a blast and we're not done yet!!

During the Invitational Grouse Hunt at our house in Montana, Tim won the 1995 "Top Gun" Award T-Shirt for the best shooting of the week.
"Mine is bigger."   "No, mine is bigger."  "No, mine is bigger."

 Tim's Girls....

Dave Meisner and Gilly, Dan, and Tim and Moxie
Tim, Dan, Steve, & Mikey
The best bunch of people you'll ever meet!
Ahhh......His Soft Side.
Tim   ~  Proudly displaying his Ruffed Grouse

Tim, we all wish you the very best and a speedy recovery.  Your spot on the "team " is secure and always will be. WE hope to see you soon. We'll save a few birds for you and Cassie......... 
Our Best ~
 Dan & Karen
and Mikey & Melayne too...
and Norm & Jeannie!!
And all the furry ones!!


  1. Sending a *Get Well Wish* along for Tim! Hoping for better health soon!

  2. how very sweet. i hope your friend recovers and is back to the hunt soon!

  3. Thanks Sharon & Tex, Right now the news is good and that's what we're hanging on to! (:

  4. Best wishes to Tim. Hunting buddies are like family members and sorely missed when they're not there.

  5. Karen,

    Thank-you for such a nice article.
    And thank-you to Sharon, Tex, and Joe for the well wishes. It took awhile to be able to reply, it was very hard on the heels of losing Steve last year to learn I got to deal with a major health issue. This getting older ain't all its cracked up to be.

    Funny thing, when you hang with a group of people that loves the outdoors, dogs and photography like the group that Dan and Karen have around them, it really is family. Never thought I was the "baby" of the family, but with Dan being +10 to my years, Mikey at +20 and Norm at +30 (you'all can do the math!) I am!

    I hope to get up your way in October, but am waiting word from our daughter regarding our first grandchild. Best laid plans of dogs and men can be trumped by a grandchild.

    For now I am cancer free, and doing well. I could have handled this so well without the great support and prayers from my wife, all my friends, family and extended family.

  6. YEAH!!!.....CANCER FREE!!We love ya Tim and cancer can never take that away!