Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gordon Setter Puppy - 10 wks. 5 Days Old

Here are the last pictures you will see of Leroy Brown, at our house and our kennel.
Leroy has a new home in the Bitterroot Valley and will be leaving us next week. 

Lounging on the back porch with a chew bone.
It's time. 
He needs to go to a home where he gets a lot of attention. 
He needs to be with someone who will guide his instincts and turn him into a great bird dog.
Someone who will hunt him.

Yes, I said hunt!
Don't mess with me....I've got a chew bone.

I believe that is the case with his new owner. 
Maybe someday she will send us some pics of Leroy hunting. 

Sniffing out ants

I hope he gets a cot. He really likes his cot.... 

I would hate to see him without it....

He really, really, likes his cot.

Fine.....You can take it with you Leroy. I know how much you love it. (:

We love you Leroy.
We're  happy you have your own home now. 
You're a good little boy and deserve the best!

Thanks everyone for stopping by. 
And don't forget to hug your dog!!


  1. he is so beautiful. i'm glad you're giving him his cot, and hope his new home loves him too.

  2. Bah-bye Leroy, sweetest pup in the whole dang town! Now, won't you be lonesome?

  3. I hope he has lots of bird contacts to dream about while lying in his cot.

  4. I am sure you will miss Leroy, he is such a cute little fellow, but I am sure he will have a lovely home :)