Monday, September 5, 2011

Gordon Setter Pics - 9 wks 6 Days old

Leroy Brown

It's hard to believe the puppies are almost 10 weeks old. Leroy Brown is the only puppy left. We're keeping him just a little bit longer. It's been hard for him to lose his brother and sister who left this past weekend. JJ has a tendency to get a little rough when weaning them so we usually don't put a puppy back in with her after a certain time. And it's not that JJ is being mean, or unmotherly, it just seems to be her way of keeping them from nursing. She holds them down with her paw, and jumps around like a kangaroo! It's all fun and games.....until someone gets hurt! lol Even after being weaned for about 4 weeks, they still try when they get with her. Heck, they try to nurse Gracie if they can get to her. Puppies are funny. Gracie is the old girl and she just looks at them like, "What the...?"

So this has left us to entertain and play with Leroy several times a day. He is also learning how to be in the outside kennel alone, for an hour or so, without freaking out. He has really adjusted well in just a few days. We put him in the inside kennel at night across from Gracie and that way he knows he is not alone. It's a tough job, playing with the puppies,  but someone has to do it!

This week, since we only have little Leroy left, I decided to take a variety of shots instead of a posed pic with Dan.    

So....Here's Leroy Brown.....he has a new BLUE collar now.  No more paper colors for him!

 A rawhide chew bone is good entertainment. Just when he gets it worn down and is about to bite off a piece, I trade it out for a new one. He's really too young to be swallowing rawhide.

This is the funniest toy! It mocks the dog, makes funny sounds, has flashing green eyes, and turns in circles. It is activated when the puppy touches it. Leroy went crazy barking and bouncing around!

He was very brave when he's butt was sitting on my feet!

He wanted to play, he wanted to bite it, but he just couldn't get up his nerve.....

So he just ran in circles around it, barking like mad.

The good part was, it really wore him out! He sat still in my lap for probably 30 minutes. That's really good for a puppy of his age. Usually they can't sit still.

And finally, it was lights out. He couldn't keep his eyes open any longer.

That's it for now. I hope you all have a great week...and don't forget to hug your dog!


  1. They change so fast, still cute though...

  2. he is a precious little boy. loved this series of shots. his sweet paws holding that rawhide... adorableness...

  3. I love dogs and the pics were great, have a nice week as well.

  4. What a cutie he has become! That face, adorable! Is he potty trained yet? He looks like so much fun!

  5. One cute pup. Sad to think of dogs having to leave their mother. This one and his name is really a nice pup. I hope he finds a nice home.