Sunday, August 8, 2010

Naming Your New Gordon Setter

"Do you have a good name for a sweet puppy?"
 I thought I'd do this post for those who are acquiring a new puppy, be it from my kennel, or another.  People often ask, "how do you choose a name?" There's all kinds of ways of course. Some choose, according to the way the puppy looks or acts. Like, Spot, Brownie, etc. My dog "Happy" was named that by my husband, because he was just a care free,  happy little dog. It was perfect and my husband shortened it to "Hap" in the field. "Blackie" was named that, again by my husband, because his muzzle has a lot of black hair, where more brown is typically seen.  Some men like to name their bird dogs after guns and shells, ie, Remington, Remy, Colt, Bullet, Daisy, etc.

Don't limit yourself to "names" only. Think of places, states, cities, famous people in history, even experiences in your life. We once named our Gordon,  Wildwing Bill of Rights....nickname......Freedom. It worked.
"I'm Comin'....I'm Comin'!!"

 The important thing, for a bird dogs name, is to have a good call name. I've done two post on naming dogs. The first explains how we have a little fun naming our puppy litters. The second one, is how to choose a good call name.

 A "Baby NAMES" web site that will give you hundreds of names to choose from:

Some of my favorites, in no particular order :

Pete, Sam, Grace or Gracie, Hank, Bo, Jesse, Jet, Bailey, Reno,
Mickey, Kate, Kady, Rosie, Parker, Gabe, Gabby, Lucy, Fender, Jackson.

"We are the Pretty Girls, Dolly and Emmy"
Good Luck....and remember......pick something you really like.....
you're going to be saying it a lot!!

Hank, "I'm so sleepy, I can't keep my eye open!"

 What's your dogs name, and why? Got a good one??


  1. Hi Karen! When I started owning my own hunting dogs, I used names from TV shows. First was from the Andy Griffith Show- Otis (golden retriever), Floyd (golden retriever), and now I'm on to M*A*S*H* with Trapper (chocolate lab). These pertain to my dogs only, not ones that are my wife's or kids. Old shows have great names for dogs!

  2. Karen,
    Of course I have had a lot of dogs, all were apart of the family. I recall my friend asking me once why we named our dogs "people" names... well its because they are... family.
    The Dogs I grew up with...
    Parker- Gordon Setter (RIP)
    Sophie- Gordon Setter (RIP)
    Pippen-Gordon Setter (RIP)
    Abby- Yellow Lab (RIP)
    Tippy- Wild dog (RIP)
    Charlie- English Setter (RIP)
    Sammy- Husky x
    Toby- All American Mutt
    Sadie -Mountain Fiest
    Hannah All American Mutt
    Each dog we raised from puppyhood to
    ADOGhood <- Yeh I made that word up. ;). They are family to us.

    So I have to know Karen, are you and Dan going to keep a pup out of this litter??? :)

  3. Casey, That's a great idea! We named a litter after the Popeye Cartoons, (Olive, Popeye, Brutus, etc.) but not tv shows. Really good idea and I love Andy Griffith. Hey! Andy is a good name too.....but maybe not for a Gordon. Love Oits and Floyd too!

    Leigh, You've owned more dogs than me! And you've reminded me of a couple more of my favorites....Charlie......great Gordon Setter name. And Sadie too. And I forgot to mention, LUCY. (Yep, John), one of my favorites! You've had all great names too Leigh. And No, we are not keeping a puppy. We have what we need for now. I used to cry with every puppy that left. Now, I only sell puppies to people I really like!I know our puppies are going to have a great life. Makes it easier to part ways. (sometimes)

    ADOGhood......I LOVE IT!! Mind if I use it??

  4. Karen,
    Haha, We have always had dogs, Most of which were dogs we had as kids. My father was a dedicated hunter. :)

    You are more than welcome to use ANY of my made up words! lol :)

  5. Karen,
    Haha, We have always had dogs, Most of which were dogs we had as kids. My father was a dedicated hunter. :)

    You are more than welcome to use ANY of my made up words! lol :)