Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Breeding Dogs, In An Already Over Populated World

Cash at 8 wks./6-15-10

I have, on occasion, felt guilty for intentionally bringing more puppies into this already over populated with mutts, world. I know there are lots of dogs and cats that get put down every day, because some human was irresponsible and allowed their animal to roam and add to the population.  I truly hate that. I feel terrible for these poor unloved animals. But, ya know, I can not change that. If I could, I would.  It certainly is not of my doing, and I can not take responsibility for what others are so careless about. I try to help. I promote adoption, in the right circumstances, and I donate to shelters.  But I won't stop breeding these beautiful, hard working, loving, Gordon Setters, because there are too many mutts in the world.

The puppies we bring into the world, are almost always wanted, and spoken for, before they are born. There are people in the world who want certain breeds, like working dogs or bird dogs,  like our Gordon Setters. I love my Gordon Setters so it's very easy to understand why people seek them out. Those are the people we breed Gordon Setters for. They, are the one's we plan our litters for. They are the people who promise to love our puppies, care for them, and help them live up to their potential. Gordon Setter owners are very special, just like Gordon Setters.

I'd like you to meet a few of them here. This is why we bring these puppies into the world.

This is Molly and Dolly......now Reba. How could I feel guilty about that little princess smile?!

And what little boy, doesn't need a puppy?

Kelly, their Mom,  and Reba. Reba will live on a ranch in Montana, with her kids and horses and lots of people. What a great life for a Gordon Setter!

Mark and his kids, Bailey and Luke,  with Hank, who is now, "Sure Thing Hammering Hank". What a great name for a bird dog!
Ahhh......Puppy Kisses are the best!

And this is Ann,  a first grade teacher. Patsy....now Dixie,  went home with Ann to live in  Wyoming.  I bet Dixie will be the super star of Show and Tell Day!

 This is Rose Marie and Mary Anne, with Emmy....now Grendal. Sisters from Great Falls, who are going to spoil her rotten! What more could I ask for??

This is Mark,  Kathleen, and Ann, who is taking June to Spokane. Obviously, June is very happy about that!!

This is Mark and Judy with Cash.....now Flash. Mark works for the Federal Fish and Wildlife Service. Cash is going to have lots of adventures tagging along with Mark.    

So you see, our puppies are very wanted and well loved. They are all where they should be.  I'm going to bed now.  And I'm going to sleep very well.


  1. Hi Karen,
    Your doing a grand job over there, it's clear that your puppies are loved but also give so much back to their family's. If I was on that side of the pond I'd be beating down your door for one, Lucy would certainly show how to mis... Er I mean behave.

  2. Thanks John! I bet Lucy would love to have a little Gordon Setter puppy to ruin, or uh, RUN with that is. (ha ha) Thanks for the pat on the back John!

  3. Way back in '93 when we got our first Sure Thing Gordon - Moxie, I know you cared as much about where the puppy was going as we did about the puppy. That caring sets you apart from a great many breeders, and we appreciate that (so do our dogs!).

  4. Erin turned 10 today and she got a nice treat for dinner. Like Flash and Ginger before her she is well loved and part of the family. Each new Gordon is special and the people who want them have planned well for their arrival like the arrival of new child. I wish every pup had the same to look forward to but I know that's not the case. I'll look forward to hearing about them as they grow old. Glad to hear that there's a new Flash (Cash) to carry on. Mine was a real pistol and I hope Cash lives up to the name!

  5. WOW Tim! It's been 17 years since Moxie was born? Hard to believe. Thanks for the kind words! Dan is going to email about hunting. He's been busy.

    Happy Birthday Erin! Glad Art gave you something special. May you have many more! My Flash, was a little pistol when he was here, but he also had a soft side. It was kind of cute. Gordon's definitely become part of the family. And if you don't believe me, or Art, just ask one! ha ha

  6. The way you are doing it is definately the right way! And those look like some happy families!

  7. Thanks Casey! That's what we aim for and for happy puppies too. One requires the other! (: