Monday, August 17, 2009

HELP with Naming your Gordon Setter Puppy

When you get your new puppy and think about what you want to name him/her, think about this: The "paper" name is for official registration into FDSB or AKC. You may want to talk to your breeder on how to give your new puppy a great paper name. As for the call name, or nickname, Keep it simple. One syllable is best. Something that is easy to say and blunt. Examples would be: Kit....Butch.....or names with a strong beginning like : Harley, Casey, Blackie, Gracie. You don't want to be in the field calling your dog......"Pe.....nelllllll.......ooooo........pee!" There are lots of "NAMES" lists on the internet. That helps if your looking for something specific. Give them a name that will be pleasant to their ears as well as your own. You're going to be saying it a lot!
posted by Karen Thomason on Jul 9 10:12 PM

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