Monday, January 4, 2010

28 Ga. Belgium Guild Shot Gun

   This little 28 Ga. Hammer Gun was a gift from a client who has become a good friend. It was made at the Belgian Guild. I believe it was made in the 1930's or so. The barrel is stamped " EPROUVE OFFICIELLE POUR POUDRE SANS FUMILE " which translates to, Officially Approved for Smokeless Powder. I think the conversion from black powder came about that time.
   The gun is incredibly dainty. It weighs in at 4lbs. 11 oz. The fore end and stock wrist are about the size of a broomstick. It is equipped with 28 in. barrels which help with the swing, and the gun actually shoots pretty nice. It has a case colored steel butt plate and because of the light weight it does tend to kick a bit. Hell, it kicks a lot.
   I took it to a gunsmith and had the chokes measured and found that it is choked backwards. The front trigger is choked .002 and the back trigger is choked .000. The gun was made specifically for driven game and most likely for driven grouse shooting.  It has sling swivels and was definitely made for the European market.
   I have used it on Ruffed Grouse and out to 20 yds. it is deadly. The 28 ga. has a short shot string and a skeet load of #8 shot will tumble a bird right now. I have a few friends that hunt Ruffed Grouse with a 28 and they are under no handicap to a bigger bored gun. If you ever purchase a 28 ga., be sure it is on a 28 ga. frame. Many manufacturers space 28 ga. barrels on a 20 ga. frame and the guns made that way are heavier than the original 20.
   I use this piece for shooting pigeons and quail during puppy training sessions and it is perfect for that purpose. A sling leaves hands free for other work and the open chokes are great for close shooting.


  1. Now there's a shotgun!

    I've found myself with a hankering for a sub-gauge hammergun of late...

    Shoot her in good health!

  2. Very neat gun! It reminds me of the story of the author John C. Phillips who wrote the "Sportsman's Scrapbook". Story goes that he was found dead in the grouse woods with his hammer-gun both barrel's hammers cocked back as if walking in on a point made by his setter. His friend was so upset when he found him...he walked back and got his horse-drawn wagon to haul his body out of the woods.

    Enjoy your blog!


  3. Yes Bill, this is a unique shotgun but from a practical point of view, a hammerless gun is more functional. My friend Lyle shoots a Ruger O/U on a 28 ga. frame that is a really nice gun. Comes with tubes. John shoots an AYA Spanish S X S in 28 that is a magnificent gun and Kerry had a 28 ga. Benelli autoloader that weighed 5 1/2 lbs. I shoot the hammergun like it is two single shot guns welded together.

    and Shawn, that is a great story and I'm going to look into it more. If they find me dead in the woods I hope it is with both barrels fired.....DWT

  4. That is a neat gun! I enjoy looking at old guns when we go places that have them on display.