Thursday, January 7, 2010

Internet Scams Hit Dog Breeders Too

The last litter of puppies we had, we received an email response to an advertisement I had place for 2 puppies. The person was interested in my puppies and wanted to buy one, right away. The email was written in sort of a broken English way and just sounded weird to me. No questions about the puppy's or their papers or registration. No questions about their nose or hunting ability or pattern. So I wrote him back and asked several questions like, Have you had Gordons before? Do you hunt? Where do you live? Basically he wrote back and evasively did not answer the questions. I made it clear I did not sell puppies to anyone whom I have not met. He just kept pushing the issue and wanted to send me a money order for MORE than the amount owed. I was to take what he owed me, then send him back the rest. Well, I may be a little southern girl, but I didn't just fall off the turnip truck. I knew this was a scam from the first email I read. Would you believe, for that litter, I received about 6 different calls or emails which were scams.  That was when I learned that anyone can have a phone through a computer and they can not be traced or found. The scam is this; I accept their check for say, $2000.00. The pup costs $750.00, plus $250.00 for shipping. A total of $1000.00. So I deposit the check into my business account. Ship the puppy, and return a check for the balance of $1000.00, cut from my business account.  Immediately,  I will learn that no one is on the other end to receive my puppy. So I have to make arrangements or fly the puppy back, at my expense. In about a week, I will receive notice from my bank saying the money order I deposited into my account is a FAKE. Not only I am stuck with the expense of getting my puppy back, but also the original shipping cost. AND, if I mailed him a check for the so called "balance owed to him", I am out $1000.00 of my own money, which is now in his pocket. And of course, the info he gave me is fake also.

It never ceases to amaze me the ways some people come up with to take advantage of, or just plain steal from, other honest hard working people. Be careful out there. Pay attention and don't become a victim. Know your buyers. Be sure your puppies are going to good homes. Make contact with the buyer at least 3 or 4 times, before you actually let the puppy go out the door. Taking these simple steps will protect your puppy and you.


  1. Scams like this are so frustrating! My Dad had someone try to pull the same kind of scam with a car he was selling. I'm glad you don't sell to anyone you haven't met!

  2. I hope your Dad didn't lose the car or any money in the deal. You'd think if these guys were so smart, they'd make a good living at something legal!