Monday, January 4, 2010

Remmington's Ruffed Grouse Society Model 20GA.

Our friend Tim showed up this past Dec. with a new shotgun, the Remmington Ruffed Grouse Society Model 20ga. He has been looking for a new Grouse gun and certainly made a fine choice. This little 20 ga. weighs in at 6 lb. 4 oz. and is nicely balanced. The 26 in. barrels are equipped with choke tubes and the other end is capped with a tastefully thin recoil pad. I am a big fan of the single trigger and straight grip. The barrel selector is set up like a Browning. The safety is pushed from one side to the other to select the firing order of the barrels. I have seen many Brownings not fire because the selector hung up in the middle when the safety was pushed forward. By the time things get straightened out, the Grouse is long gone. I much prefer the set up on my SKB's where the barrel selector is near the trigger, much like the safety on Karen's Winchester pump, and totally independent of the safety. In reality, I have never once used the barrel selector in over 30 yrs. of Grousing around the woods.
 This 20 ga. came with nicely figured wood and the engraving and the gold inlays look beautiful against the deep blue receiver. Perfect Grouse gun Tim. Run a few boxes through it at the skeet range this winter and get ready for next season.  DWT

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