Monday, September 7, 2009

"Weavey" ~ The Tri-Colored Gordon Setter

"Weavey" ~ As a puppy, at about 8 wks. old, with Melayne, and at about age 13, and blind.

Photo's By: Karen Thomason

Weaver, "Weavey", was a little tri-colored Gordon Setter puppy who came from a breeding of Peat and Aspen. Sweet, gentle, and loyal. Our best friends, and Dan's hunting partner, Mike & Melayne Stevens, took Weavey and gave him a lifetime of love and hunting birds. As breeders, we are always grateful for our clients who love our puppies so much. Last summer, Weavey's old body gave out on him and he passed away. I know as Michael beats the brush with his other Gordon's this bird season, he'll be remembering the days when he and Weavey hunted together. A Gordon is never forgotten. We will miss you Weavey.

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