Monday, September 7, 2009

Brushing the Sticks Out

Photo By: Karen Thomason

"Happy", only after a few hours of hunting!

I know when you guys get home from chasing Grouse and Gordon Setters, you are tired and ready to have some grub and just kick back. But don't forget your furry friend who lead you to all those birds. Most likely, he will need a little brushing out. With the Gordon Setter's long hair, it's important to keep it brushed out. Even a shorter hair cut, will need some grooming. There are hundreds of tiny seeds, sticks, and "stick tights" out there and Gordons pick them up. I have found that if you comb them out the day they pick up this stuff, it comes out way easier than waiting until the next day or later. If the seeds and brush aren't removed, it will tangle the hair and eventually can become a real problem. For good skin and coat health, brush them often, and especially after a days hunt.

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