Friday, September 18, 2009

One In The Game Bag!

DAN & HAPPY ......................Photos By:Karen Thomason

We drove up the creek this evening. It was hot again but cooled a bit towards evening. I ran a 10 month old male pup first. "Jack" did really well. He spent some time on the road but hit the brush like a big dog. He didn't find any grouse but hunts real nice. I put "Happy" out for a run and as we were picking him up he came by looking pretty birdy. He locked up 25 ft. from the van then broke and started tracking again. I hurried 20 yds. up in front of him and cut 10 ft. into the woods. "Hap" locked up again 30 ft. in front of me. We had a grouse pinned between us!! The bird didn't think much of his situation and flushed at me, and to the left. I knew instantly that the first shot was behind the grouse so I swung the gun faster and hit the trigger again. The bird is pictured above. A very nice adult male! DWT

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