Saturday, September 19, 2009

Orange Collar Sleeves a Must for Black & Tan's

Back in June, I suggested to everyone that having an orange collar or sleeve on your hunting dog was very important for his own safety. Here's one of the OTHER reasons. Although it was early evening, it was still plenty light when Dan and I took the dogs up the mountain yesterday. (Previous blog by DWT) When Happy went on point, Dan went in from one side, and I the other, with my camera in hand. I got to about 15 feet from him. Sound close? I could ONLY see his orange collar and part of his tail! You can see from this picture how thick the woods were and how dark it was, making it difficult to see a mainly BLACK dog. Sure glad we had that orange sleeve on his collar! We have them on all of our Gordon Setters. Even "visiting" dogs wear one while they are here.

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