Friday, September 18, 2009

Avian Pox & Tumors on Grouse PIC

Pox Tumor?

The pic on the right was taken first and the bottom pic, several weeks later. That's assuming it's the same bird. It may not be.

Ever seen a grouse or any wild game bird with a bump on it's bill, like this? If you have, I'd love to hear from you. I've seen this grouse twice in my back yard chasing grasshoppers. Other than the bump, she seems fine. I did a little research and have concluded that this bump is most likely a tumor. Apparently, there is a Avian Pox that birds, of all kinds, wild and domestic, can contract. It causes wart like tumors on the non-feathered area's of the bird's body. It is not contagious to humans, but very contagious to other birds. It is , however, suggested that if you handle a bird like this, you should certainly take precautions and thoroughly cleanse your hands and clothing. Unfortunately for the grouse, there is no way to help her. If it is the Avian Pox, the tumor will eventually dry up and fall off. This can take a long time. Meanwhile, if the tumor gets bigger, it could obstruct her breathing or effect her vision. She may have tumors inside her as well, such as on her liver. There are several causes, and other side effects of Avian Pox. For more on this subject, click the title above, Avian Pox & Tumors in Grouse PICS.

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