Friday, September 18, 2009

Adult Male Grouse - The Ultimate Challenge!

September is all about coveys. The hens have all their chicks gathered about them and when you get into a bunch of grouse together, it is always a hen with her brood. The single birds flushed in September are almost always adult males. These are last springs drummers. They staked out their territory last spring and have defended it all summer. These grouse avoided me last season as well as the hawks, owls and coyotes that enjoy a Grouse dinner as much as I do. I make a mental note of where I flush these big boys and plan hunting trips for specific birds, much like a deer hunter looks for that monster buck he spotted before season. These grouse have a specific area that belongs to them and won't be too hard to find. However, they are very difficult to approach and putting one in the game bag is a challenge I enjoy. DWT

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