Monday, August 17, 2009

Tribute to Rusty, Beloved Gordon Setter


For years, my Dad wanted a dog. And for years, my Mom consistently said, "NO". The reason for this is that my Dad had a job that kept him traveling at least 3 weeks out of the month. Mom told him, "When you stop traveling, you can have a dog, when you're here to take care of him." Well, wouldn't you know it, that day actually came! Mom had no choice but to say yes. Just about that time, we had a litter of Gordon Setters. We had a female that carried a throw-back gene, and who produced chocolate puppies. Usually, about 2 per litter. These pups could not be registered at the time, so we sold them at a discounted price. My Dad picked one of the chocolate puppies and named him Rusty. Mom wasn't too sure about having a dog running in and out of the house, but she had promised, and wasn't going to break her promise. At 7 weeks old, they took Rusty home. Mom thought he was the "cutest thing" she'd ever seen! It was love at first sight. He kept the intruders away and Mom kept his treat bowl full. She took him with her to the post office or store when she went. She even took him to church for the Blessing of the Animals. Rusty was blessed. Mom fell in love with Rusty and they had a beautiful 12 year relationship. He was as much her dog, as my dad's. Rusty passed away in February of organ failure. It was hard for my parents. The house is so quiet now. But, I know if Mom could go back, and miss the pain of losing him, she would not because it would mean that she would have never known the love, devotion, and companionship that comes with this beautiful breed. Rusty will forever be remembered in our hearts. Run free Rusty, to the other side of the rainbow.

posted by Karen Thomason on Jun 26 2:08 PM

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