Monday, August 17, 2009

Professional Dog Training HELP

I wanted to share some names with you that I think you will find very helpful in training your bird dog. First, Larry Meuller, previous Hunting Dogs editor for OUTDOOR LIFE, has published several books on training your bird dog. Excellent advice and common sense training. I know Larry personally and he's been a great mentor through the years. Another author you may want to check into is Steve Rafe. He has a web site and published info on dog training, particularly with alfa dogs. I have found his advice to be very helpful. I would also like to direct you to Cesar Millan. You may have seen him on tv, on the National Geographic Channel. He has been dubbed, "The Dog Whisperer". He has a unique style of communicating with dogs, in "dog" language. No hitting, no yelling, just communicating in a way that your dog will understand and respond too. Cesar also has several books out and you can find those on AMAZON.COM. by searching his name. I have found each of these authors to be very helpful in training our bird dogs, for the field, or for house manners. {No Affiliation with the above mentioned authors.}

posted by Karen Thomason on Jun 26 2:41 PM

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