Monday, August 17, 2009

Great Product for Your Gordon Setter Litter

Ejay ID Bands

As a breeder, I think it's very important to watch my Gordon Setter litter closely for those short 7 weeks they are with me. In the beginning, it's important to make sure they are all growing and thriving. As they grow, I enjoy watching their personalities emerge and seeing the different stages of growth they experience. I document each puppy with a weekly photo and send one to my clients, the puppy's future owners. It's good to know if you have a puppy who is a little shy or very outgoing. I look for all the things important to raising a healthy, well balanced litter. A friend of mine introduced me to a new product I have started using to help me tell one puppy from the other, even if they are on the other side of the yard. It's called the Ejay I-D Band. I purchased mine at (no affiliation). They are a 1/2" wide, colored band, with a sticky tab at the end. You place it around your puppy's neck, like a collar, pull and stick the tab, then cut off the excess paper. They are very tough, tear proof, water proof. They come in 5 colors, in assorted boxes and sizes. When I need more, I simply use a permanent marker and put strips on some. Usually, this is how I separate males from females. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT ON PUPPIES UNDER 2 WEEKS OLD. Until that age, it's only important that they are eating and growing as they should. Once they are on their feet and out running around, it's a little hard to tell one from the other at a distance. The bands are very helpful. I have found it extremely useful to make a chart with each puppy's nick name, then put a snippet of their collar color next to it. If a client pays a visit, they can look at the chart and know exactly which puppy is which. Remember, puppy's grow very fast from week to week. You'll have to replace the collars EACH and EVERY week. I do this at the end of the week and then take their weekly photo. It helps, if you have someone to assist you. One to hold the puppy and one to do the bands. Fit them, but leave room for a weeks worth of growth. Keep a close eye at first, in case the mother Gordon decides the collar doesn't belong on her puppy. I've used them for 1 litter and they worked perfectly and no problems with the mother Gordon. Thanks to Roxanne & Kerry for introducing me to this great product!

posted by Karen Thomason on Jul 20 6:20 PM

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