Thursday, October 20, 2011

Leroy's Little Freak Accident

I'm sure you all remember Leroy Brown and that I had mentioned in another post that he had an accident which sent him to the Vet for 4 days.Well....Here's the story of Leroy's freak accident.

Dan and I let the puppies out of their kennel to take them to the back yard to play. This was when they were 9 weeks old and there were still 4 puppies here. Everything was going fine until they all decided to go back around the other side of the house. So of course we followed them. But, as you might guess, they made it all the way around the house before we could get to the back! Well, the next thing we know, Leroy and a sibling are standing on our 4 ft. high retaining wall. Dan and I start toward him to head him back, away from the edge....... and off the wall he goes! Our concern was the growth plates puppies have in their joints. He could have crippled himself for life. So, when he got up and took off running across the yard, it was a big relief.  He didn't yelp or cry, he didn't make a sound. All we heard was a thud, like the breath being forced out of him. He kept playing and was running around the yard having a great time with his siblings. When it was time to go back to their kennel, about 15 minutes later, we notice something protruding from under his tail. And he wasn't going poop. It looked like a small hemorrhoid and was about a quarter inch long, and smaller around than a cigarette. It was really scary. Dan called the Vet and he told us to bring him in right away. This is when we learned about the sugar and honey treatment for wounds. I did a post : Honey & Sugar Great For Your First Aid Kit. When Dan called our Vet, he was told to cover the exposed tissue or whatever it was, with sugar or honey. So we did.

Dan took Leroy in to the Vets and Dr. Moody examined him. He said this was a very rare occurrence and usually only happens if they get mashed, like being ran over by a car. Apparently Leroy had a really full stomach and when he jumped off, his legs gave out from under him and he landed on his belly. Hard enough to push out something that was suppose to be inside. I don't remember the scientific name, but it was part of the inside of his rectum. The Vet sedated him, put it back in place, put one little stitch in and kept him for 4 days. Food and water was limited, for obvious reasons. When he came home he had white rice and hamburger for a week. After a week, we took the stitch out and everything was fine. We kept Leroy a little longer because we wanted to make sure he was totally healed and healthy before he went to his new home. We took him back for a check up and Dr. Moody says he is "good as new"!

So, you can see why it was easy to spoil him while helping him to heal.  I felt responsible, even though I know it wasn't our fault. It's like with kids. You can watch them every minute for days and the second you turn your head, they get into trouble!

Last I heard from Kim,  Leroy was doing really good. He goes to work with her and lays by her all day. The patients love his company.  Good Dog Leroy, Good Dog!


  1. that would have been scary for the little tyke! glad he's doing well and has a fabulous home too!

  2. It's always scary when the pups get hurt. Glad to hear that everything turned out OK. It sounds like Leroy landed on his feet in the new parents department too. Leroy was my favorite and I wish him well.