Saturday, October 15, 2011

Honey & Sugar Great For Your First Aid Kit

For many years people have used honey and sugar to treat wounds. Both are great items to add to your cabinet, if you don't already have them. You might even put a small plastic bottle of honey, in your first aid kit for hunting.

Honey and Sugar have many benefits for treating wounds.
  1. Applying a generous amount of sugar or honey can keep the injured cells from dying and actually aid in regenerating new cells.
  2. Honey or Sugar applied to a wound can draw out inflammation. 
  3. And last, they both can fight against infection. They are both very clean and act as an antibacterial.  Bacteria do not like sugar or honey and will avoid it. 
Sugar and Honey will work the same, but because honey is so thick, it covers the wound a little better. After applied, wound should be covered or wrapped. Using sugar or honey is a great way to treat a wound until you can reach a hospital or doctor. And the best thing is, it works for humans and animals.


  1. That's interesting - good to know! Thanks, Karen!

  2. i would never have thought to use honey on a wound!

  3. I love honey, I use it in my tea and sometimes I make a honey cake. My husband is a beekeeper.