Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Envy & Swallows!

Okay, I admit it. I have spring envy
I'm sure if you look, you'll find it in some medical journal some where.
Everyone else has pictures of colorful flowers and bright green grasses and pretty little birds. 
We have mud and snow and ice. Yes, still

Blackie waiting for Dan to throw him a snowball.

So, to get into the spring frame of mind, we decided to build some swallow nests. Something we've been meaning to do for a while now. And hopefully, just in time to entice the swallows when they arrive. Dan picked up the lumber and cut the pieces out.  
My friend Melayne cut the nice little holes for the doors.
She has cool tools. We don't.

 I nailed them together and painted them with Krylon.

These are the tops. Like my Camo Painting?

 Dan and Blackie hung up the first one today. 
 (It was sort of a community project.) 

Facing South, of course.

  We couldn't have done it without Blackie. (:  

 He had a blast chasing snowballs and wallowing in the snow.  
I just want it to melt!

Doesn't it just say, "WELCOME!"?  
Oh Spring.....and little Swallows....
 How we anxiously await your arrival!


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  1. Yes! Snow be gone!

    Those bird houses are cute, it looks like a good project to do with our little brother. He loves birds.

  2. Oh I love those bird houses! Can you build some for me too?! :) Our swallows have been swooping under our house eaves and I need to go investigate if they're trying to build there or just helping us with the swarming insects.

    LOVE the camo paint! And your fantastic assistant!!!

  3. Lovely paint job! Cool birdhouses! No way would I climb a ladder like that, he's a good man, for sure.

  4. Tracy, They would be the perfect project for your little brother. You can find plans online with the proper measurements. Swallows are fun to watch too.

    T, Easy to build your own boxes. Plans online to help. The purple /green swallows like building their nests under overhangs so they may be building nests.It's important where to hang them as well.

    Thanks Cindy! I painted the box light brown then camo with green. Then I used tree cedars like paint screens to make the leaf patterns for the camo. Thanks for stopping by Cindy! Love your blog!

  5. Thanks Sharon, Yes, I'm grateful he volunteered to do it and I didn't have to beg him or anything! ha ha

  6. I think they are great! and yes definalty a case of spring envy here too! Please let it be spring soon!!!


  7. We are also waiting for the swallows. We have tree swallows and barn swallows who build their nests under our barn eves. Our houses fill up with blue birds of which I seen my first one this morning.Yeah they make me very happy they come every year. I love all our birds. B

  8. That's way too much snow for this time of year. Hope the swallows fly spring in to you very soon.

  9. love the camo paint! cute puppies!!!!

  10. Hi Leontien, Ah...Thank you! And Thanks for stopping by too!

    Buttons, What I'd give to have little blue birds around! Thanks for stopping by!

    Teresa, HI, From your mouth to Gods ears! Thank you for visiting!

    Mountain Mama, Thank you for your nice compliment and for your time in visiting also!

  11. Karen, Nice camo! I hope the birds can find them Mikey

  12. Ha Ha Mikey!! Leave to you!! Maybe I should have put the welcome sign out? ha ha

  13. I'm with you on the spring envy! I know it's just typical Montana, and I know I feel this way every single year at this time, but I'm ready to start looking for Arizona real estate!

  14. I do like those bird houses. I never saw camouflage paint before - that is a neat idea.

  15. Teresa, Funny you should mention Arizona, we're heading that way in about 3 weeks for 7 days on Lake Powell. Our departure date can't get here soon enough for me! lol Sorry to leave you behind in the snow!):
    Hi Abe! Thanks for the compliments. I was hoping if I used camo, it would help keep them safe from all the animals that steal their eggs. Thanks for signing up to Follow. I'm honored!

  16. Quite the artist there!!! I'm thinking spring should reach your area soon. We are starting to get a touch of humidity here in the midwest, so...just around the corner for you. Awesome pics of the athletic Blackie!