Tuesday, April 5, 2011

ACell-Vet/ Amazing Regenerative Medicine

Normally I don't post the advertisements I receive in my COMMENTS box. That's why I have moderation turned on. Too many advertisers want to "hitch a ride".  Now I don't mind if it's a product directly related to dogs or bird dogs, or especially Gordon Setters. That's what my blog is all about. I do not publish ads for anything unrelated to the purpose of my blog. I do read every single one and sometimes they are worth allowing. Some are even  worth talking about. This is such the case.

 If you have a dog, or especially an old dog with joint problems, or if your dog has a joint injury, this should interest you. It's all about regenerative medicine and it looks like they are having pretty good success with it in animals as well as humans. ACell-Vet can add significant quality to your pets life if they are in pain. It is healing at the cellular level and it is fascinating stuff!

I was not asked to do this, nor am I being paid for it. I received a link in my comments, on a previous post I did called,  Follow Up on ACell Vet .   I'm putting it out there because I followed the link and liked what I read about it. Please read for yourself,  decide your own conclusions, and make your own decisions. But I do highly recommend that you visit the web site,  ACell-Vet or the blog that was just started by Ralph Leasure, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing. You can even sign up to Follow if you choose. I did.

To learn more about this amazing new science and how it can help your pet click here  :
OR, any of the links through out this post.


  1. Interesting technology. I hope this will become more prominent in vet practices if it is successful.

  2. Thanks for bringing this up. I'll have to look into it. Always better to look into things before you need them and have to make a snap decision.

  3. T. ~ I agree. The more success stories they have, the more it will become available. Looks good.

    ArtOC, I agree with you too. Always have been sort of a preventative kind of person when it comes to medicine. Mine, and the dogs.