Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gone Fishin' - Be Back Soon!

We Love to fish!
We're heading to Sunny California to visit family and then to Lake Powell in Arizona for 7 glorious days on a house boat with friends. John will be staying here the whole time to watch over things and take care of the kennel. It's nice to have a reliable friend willing to live in your house for 3 weeks!

I have scheduled a few posts for while I am away. Just light stuff, like some dog jokes to entertain you. I wouldn't want you to forget miss me. (:

Comments will be temporarily disabled April 28 - May 18, as I will not have access to a computer. If you want to send me a message, you can send it to my email. I will answer when we return.

I hope we'll have some fish pictures to show you when we return.
Here's a few fish pics I had on the computer......

Me and my 11lb. Northern Pike

Dan and a Smallie

Kaleb with a Smallie....almost as big as he was at 6 yrs. old!

Jeffrey and his Smallie

Karen and Smallmouth

Love those Bass!

 I will miss checking in with you all, 
but I will do my best to catch up when I return! (:

Don't forget to stop by for a doggie joke every few days! 

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