Monday, April 25, 2011

Canine Doggie Daze At St. Judes Children's Hospital

I recently found out  that St. Judes Childrens Hospital incorporates the help of a few canine friends to help cheer little ones who are suffering from cancer or leukemia. Every Tuesday morning in the atrium of the Danny Thomas Research Center, children and dogs are brought together for a big ol' hug fest. These little kids need a break to relax from the daily hospital routine of being ill.

The program is called Doggie Daze

I love St. Judes Childrens Hospital. They are not only a hospital, but also a research hospital. They are totally funded by donations, yet they NEVER turn away a child in need. 

You can read all about it and see the little smiling faces here:


  1. What a wonderful thing for those children! I can just imagine how their faces light up at the sight of those visiting dogs!

  2. oh that is awesome! nothing better to lift spirits than a big old huggable dog! it must be almost better than medicine for them!

  3. What joy...I'm sure the dogs enjoy the children as much as the children enjoy them!

  4. Animals, and dogs in particular, are such good therapy. Good for St. Judes for recognizing that connection and setting up a program for the kids. Thanks for highlighting this. I contribute to St. Judes yearly as my charity of choice.