Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dogue De Bordeaux and Baby - What's Wrong Here?

What's Wrong Here?
A Lot!

First, after you watch the video above, please promise me that you would never, ever, allow this with your dog or your child.  Please.

The dog is chewing a treat bone. It's not good for a small child to be moving around this dog and close to his face and mouth. Dogs do not like to share their food and treats and can perceive this as threatening and may cause the dog to bite or even attack. A small child doesn't stand a chance around  any kind of dog that decides to attack.  I kept one eye closed and  squinted the other while watching this because I was so afraid for this child. The owner apparently didn't know any better.
Dogs don't always "plan" their attack. Dogs are animals. They may be domesticated animals, but animals none the less. Animals move on instinct and are unpredictable. In an instant, a dog can bite a child, then immediately feel remorse because he did. Instinct caused him to react, and even though he probably knew this behavior wasn't allowed or accepted, he couldn't stop himself.

I am using this video as an example. I am aware that the Dogue De Bordeaux is known for it's gentle nature. With that said, children are unpredictable. 

  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, 
4.7 million people get bit by dogs annually. 
 The biggest victims? Children, of course. 
The most common place to get bit? The face.

People should think about this before trusting their infant or small child to their dog.

Secondly,  lets be concerned about the dog too. Notice the child sitting on the dogs back.....on his spine? Then notice how the child sort of jumps up and down, with the careless encouragement of the adult? The dog turns round a few times which tells me he felt the pressure or pain on his spine. The child may be small, but she is big enough to cause stress fractures in the dogs spine. Dogs are not horses. They are dogs. Dogs are not meant for riding.

Please don't allow this, for your dogs safety, as well as your child's.

I think every child should have a dog at some time in their childhood. But it is important to teach a child how to properly interact with a live animal. Children should be taught to respect animals and dogs particularly, and vice versa,  so they both may know and enjoy the many benefits of a shared friendship.


  1. I had trouble watching that video; I was so sure that the dog was going to bite the child. Hard to believe that some people can be so oblivous to the potential danger. My old setter would bite if you startled her when she was sleeping and she bit me and my mom before we learned our lesson. She didn't mean it but, as you said, couldn't help it. We all leaarned to wake her carefully and from a safe distance. They are dogs and we need to always remember that.

  2. i can't even watch it. just the still image and your descriptions are enough for me to get the idea. big dogs like this have such trouble with their skeletal systems anyway that this certainly can't help...

    and oh boy. a dog with a treat and a baby?! ugh!

  3. Excellent post. So many children get bitten every year by a dog they startled...

  4. I don't watch TV shows like this and change channels when somebody is being hurt, or killed. Somebody is also wildlife. I think parents are stupid, for the most part, and their children are nothing more than punishment for their transgressions. I'd swat his butt with something if he was my kid.

    1. As a parent of an 11 month old and an owner of a Dogue De Bordeaux, I thank you for that comment. I hope that some day you can experience the joy of a family the way we do. Perhaps you'll understand the simply pleasure of watching your child and your pet interact.

  5. Sadly many people forget that animals will act instinctively.

  6. ArtOC, Thanks for reminding us all about "sleeping dogs". Never bend over a sleeping dog to wake them.

    Tex, yes, I was the same way. Thank God the dog tolerated her. And thanks for pointing out that big dogs often have skeletal issues to begin with. You are so right.

    Montana Girl, You are so right. That's why I do these sorts of posts. It's the adults I'm trying to educate, so they don't do something stupid with their small child.

    Abe, This was not a tv show. It is a video I came across on You Tube. And what's worse, if you watch the video, you'll see that this is a child of about 2 years old. Certainly not old enough to understand the consequences of her actions. The adult in this clip is urging the child on, to "ride the horsey". That is the problem here. We have to educate the adults, as well as the kids.

    You're right Joe. And animals are unpredictable when instinct is in play. Some people just don't realize this.

  7. I have to disagree with your warnings with this video. This dog and child are obviously well acquainted and supervised. The child never goes near the treat or her mouth. Yes I'm sure the dog would rather have been left in peace, but it seems she understands her pack and their behaviours. Dogue De Bordeauxs are very calm and accepting with their families. Had she been very annoyed, she would have gotten up and left rather than become agressive. Please try to see all sides when creating these posts.
    A Mommy and a Bordeaux owner.