Monday, November 22, 2010

Dog Remains Faithful to Deceased Owner

If you've ever doubted the bond between humans and dogs, or the friendship that is shared, just watch this video. You'll never doubt it again.

This is Wayne Giroux ~ Spots Best Friend. Wayne was killed this past June by a drunk driver.


 Spot waits for Wayne to Come Home
This is about a dog named "Spot" who sadly, lost his owner to death. Only, no one told Spot.  He still waits faithfully for his master to return, 5 months later, but he never does.

For full details of this touching story click here:


  1. Oh there's no way I can watch that right now! I'd be bawling for sure! I have no doubt about animals' loyalty whereas I tend to doubt humans much more...

  2. I have no doubt that Spot is waiting for his dad. What great companions dogs really can be. Every time I read how great a football player Mike Vick is I think of all the Spots and I just can't forgive him.

  3. texwisgirl and ArtOC, I agree with you both. I forget who said it, but there is a quote that says, "The more people I meet, the more I like my dog." LOL Sometimes I feel that way!

  4. Oh, and Art, I've got a post about what happened to Vics dogs, coming out soon. Probably after Thanksgiving. It was very interesting.

  5. You usually only have a few friends you can really count on but you can always count on your dog being there for you.