Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Opening Day Grouse Season in Montana ~ 2010

Dan's Grouse Report

I had no high hopes for this seasons opener. We had the 3rd coldest, wettest spring in history. It started raining yesterday and continued through this morning. My hunting buddy, Michael, came last night and we were out this morning in spite of the bad weather.
We walked two side roads off Fatman Mt. and got rain soaked. We found a bird in the road up Blue Creek but it put the run on us and we never saw it again. Mike's little gordon, Gus, really worked nice today and had a bird flush into a tree in front of us. It was a great big male bird with a nice long tail. I tried to move below it to encourage a flight in Michaels direction. Unfortunately,  it blew out downhill and Mike took a desperation shot.....and missed. Gus barked uphill from us and a bird blew out of a tree on my left and another way uphill. No shot.
 We dined (?) at the Heron store for lunch and came home to change out of wet clothes and change dogs. A thunder storm blew up and it rained for several more hours. We settled into a Yankee's vs Oakland game and a big bowl of beef and barley stew for the evening.  We'll hope for better weather tomorrow. Weather man says 72 deg. and lots of sunshine. Cross your fingers!

How was your opening day?


  1. Bummer!!! Better luck tomorrow. ;)

  2. Rough day, Mikey should have brought his duck hunting gear! No finer dining(?) :p than the Heron store!

    Wish I was up there, maybe soon, I'll call. We are having our 2 story house painted. I am playing go-fer, opening doors to be taped, calming the dogs.

  3. Looks like we dodged Earl, which is good. It's been hot here in the Mid Atlantic but it should start to cool off the next few days. Should be able to get Erin out in the field for some fun time. Working on the trailer and some plans for some fun this fall. I'm sure those Montana grouse will make an appearance soon. Enjoy the company and the days afield. Remember, a bad day hunting is still better than a good day at work.

  4. See ya soon Tim!

    Art, Glad ol' Earl didn't drench you guys. And yea, the boys would agree about the bad day of hunting, being better than and good day at work!