Friday, September 3, 2010

Grouse Season in Montana ~ 2010 - Day 2

Fog and 34 Degrees 8:00am
Michael & I headed up river this morning. Private property that is ideal grouse habitat. It has been a favorite spot for many years and we had high hopes of improving on yesterdays poor results. We ran Blackie, Mickey and Sport for several miles up a broad and very flat creek bottom. It was overcast and everything was still wet from yesterdays rain. The dogs all performed well and busted brush all morning without finding a bird.

We came home for lunch at 2:00 and Karen told us  3 or 4 grouse had just left  the yard and walked into the woods. We put Sport out and he found them and had a good lesson in dealing with grouse.
After lunch we headed over to Fatman and walked 2 side roads and found nothing.

We never saw a bird except for the 3 in the yard. One flushed into a tree above us and it was the first young bird I have seen all summer. There are no baby grouse this year and it looks like I may be doing a lot of fishing this fall.  DWT


  1. I know you see that every day but that is one hell of a view!

    Sorry to hear the forecast for this years grouse season. Hope the fish are biting.

  2. Thanks Leigh! That's looking out my back door. You can't see them, but the mountains are to the right. Most of the time I've got 3 or 4 deer grazing in the yard. Sure starts my day off right when I step out my back door to feed the birds.