Sunday, September 12, 2010

How Much Water Does Your Dog Need?

 We all know that dogs need plenty of clean, fresh water every day for good health. But do you know how much water they need? Do you know that your dog is getting the right amount of water? Especially during hunting season,  hydration is extremely important.

On average, a healthy dog, needs about 1 ounce of water for every pound of body weight, per day. No doubt, hunting dogs, when hunting, need considerably more.

Keep track of the water your dog is drinking for a day or two, and you'll get an idea of how much he is consuming. If you think he's not drinking as much as he should, you can do a simple test. Lightly, pinch and raise the skin on the back of the neck. If the skin falls back into place quickly, he's probably hydrated. If the skin stays up for a few seconds, and slowly falls back into place, you may have a problem.
Check your dogs mouth for sores or ulcers, decayed teeth, or gum problems that may be preventing him from eating and drinking as much as he should. If you find anything, see your vet.  If your dog isn't drinking the correct amount of water it can cause numerous health problems, just like in humans.

It's important that you keep plenty of fresh, clean water available at all times. Water bowls should be washed once a day to prevent bacteria. Bleach works well to kill bacteria, but be sure to rinse the bowl thoroughly.


  1. Karen, good information about our best friends. I do keep tabs on Jet's water intake especially since she is getting older. For the most part she does great, only during summer's heat does she caught under hydrated. Then if I put ice cubes in her water she'll get back on track and have fun doing so.

  2. Terry, Glad your paying attention to Jet. Using ice on hot days is a great little trick to get them to hydrate. I give it to mine too. They get really excited when I bust a bag open on the porch. They seem to think it's a unflavored popsicle perhaps?! ha ha