Thursday, September 16, 2010

Big Beautiful Gordon Setter From Hungary

Liric Jupiter Ludstar  -  "Petey"

I was surfing the internet and came across this picture. I was instantly drawn to it. Look at the way the  Gordon Setter is looking up at this man. Intently looking into this mans eyes and listening to him speak. That is a very expressive look that is typical for Gordon Setters. They try so hard to understand us. They look directly into our eyes. They listen when we speak.

This Gordon's name is "Petey" and he is 5 years old. He belongs to Zsofia Csatari from Hungary and that is her father in the picture with Petey.  

If you'd like to see Zsofie's web page, and more pics of beautiful Gordon Setters, including Petey, here's a link for you!

Over The Hills Kennels in Hungary

Thanks to Zsofia Csatari for sending me this beautiful picture to publish on my blog!


  1. They are a beautiful dog! I wasn't familiar with this breed and now I am eager to learn more.
    Thank you, Amy

  2. Thats friendship! Beautiful pic!

  3. Thanks Leigh, Don't Ya love it?! I'd love to have a big boy like that one!

    Amy, If you really want to learn about the Gordon Setter, AKC has a beautiful description of the Gordon. And of course, I have lots of pics, and stories here as well. They are wonderful family dogs who have great noses for hunting game birds. Thanks for your interests Amy!

  4. The spaniel people say that dog is "feasting (the owner) with his eyes."

    My first dog - a beagle - was named Jupiter. Small world!

  5. Thanks for sharing that Michael! I've never heard that expression before. But then, I haven't spent a lot of time around Beagles.