Tuesday, June 1, 2010

That Big Wet Nose Can Smell More Than Birds!

I've done posts on some of the amazing things we teach our dogs to do. 
Hunting Dogs Sniffing Out Peanuts at Angel Service Dogs is one such post. Here is another.

That big wet nose on your canine pal may be able to save someone's life. Researchers have found that by smelling someones breath, a dog may be able to smell lung and breast cancer with about 90% accuracy. Cancer has a waste product, and that is what the dog can smell.

This is especially important for people who get lung cancer. With lung cancer, usually by the time a person is diagnosed, it's too late. These dogs may be great preventative aids in saving lives.

Once again.......the dog proves to be ingenious!

SOURCE:  http://www.dogage.com/care/tipoftheweek.aspx


  1. I have read about that! It is amazing what these guys are capable of.

  2. I have heard of this! I don't know much about it though. But dogs truly are a godsend.