Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Tribute

Memorial Day......A day of remembrance. 
A day to honor. A day of appreciation. 

In my home I have pictures on the walls of the stairwell of all of our ancestors.

I have a special portion of the wall that is dedicated to those in our family who have served their country and fought for me and you.

My Uncle June served. He died when I was really small. My Mom loved her brother dearly.  Thank you Uncle June.

My Uncle Ed served too.
He's Mom's other brother.
He was a nurse.
This is Uncle Ed and Aunt Louise.
Thank you Uncle Ed.....and Aunt
Louise too.

And this is Dan's father, Bill.
He was in the Navy.
He spent a lot of time aboard a ship
in WWI and the Korean War.
Thank you Bill and Wilma too,
for your sacrifice.

My step father served in the Navy too.
Thank you Doug.
My little brother joined the Marines.
Thank you Jerry.

My husband, Dan, was in the Army.
He survived in Vietnam.
Thank you Dan. Thank you Duane.
That's him on the right and his cousin, Duane, on the left. In 1969, in the middle of the Vietnam war, my husband and his cousin ended up at the exact same place, at the exact same time, by chance. They had just enough time to say hello and snap a picture, then  they were both off in opposite directions. The chances of that happening, must have been a million to one, at least. Duane made it back too. Thank God.

 So many young men and women didn't make it back. 

One of Dan's friends, James Nicholson, didn't.
This is his high school photo. 
He was a senior.
It was 1966
In March of 2001, the Half size, Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall was on display near by.

 Dan and I visited the wall and found Jimmy's name. 


  This is the actual photo of his name etched in the wall.
The blue color is the reflection of the sky.
It's very sad to see. 
To see all of those names and touch the printed name that will forever be etched 
in stone knowing that Jimmy is gone forever.
All those names. All those lives.

 Gone Forever.

 He died for his country. He died for us and our children.

Thank You Jimmy for your sacrifice. 

And last, but not in the slightest least, I pay tribute to the fallen Canine Heroes. In every war there have been amazing canine heroes who saved the lives of many humans. There were over 4000 dogs used in the Vietnam War alone. Some gave their lives to save human lives.  
They served their country admirably. 

What ever you do today, wherever you do it,  take the time to say a prayer for the fallen. 

All gave some. 
Some gave all.
In War
there are no winners.

I plan on leaving this post up through Memorial Day. 
Thanks for visiting!


  1. Thank-you Dan for your service.
    Thanks to all members of both your families.

    My father-in-law served in the Navy in WWII.
    My Dad in the Air Force in between WWII and Korea.


  2. And thanks to your family too, for their brave service.

  3. oh karen, this should be used EVERY memorial day and veterans' day and armed forces day and...

    truly wonderful.