Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Take This Challenge

Bird hunters and Duck hunters, Can you do this mathematical shooting equation?

You are in a duck blind and a Teal with a tailwind is moving directly across in front of you at 60 mph. The range to the duck is 33 1/3 yds. The shot leaves the gun barrel at 1300 fps and immediately begins to slow down. The shot averages 1000 fps between you and the target. How far do you lead the duck?

You'll find the answer in a post on June 12th!


  1. Id focus both eyes on the target, swing the shotgun in a continual smooth movement . . . then pray I hit him where he eats and not where he sheats. :)

  2. Not exactly the answer we were looking for, but a humorous one none the less. ha ha The REAL answer is in the next post.

  3. Hey Rabid Outdoorsman ~ Guess you figured by now.....You went home without any birds!! (giggle giggle)