Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sad News About My Little "Happy"

Around the end of April, some lumps showed up on my Gordon Setter, "Happy". They felt like fatty cysts. After a couple of weeks, it became obvious they were not like the typical fatty cyst. In about 3 weeks time, he had about 6 bumps.  We took him to the vet, had him tested, and the Vet did surgery to remove the bumps. The worst thing was......this happened while we were 2300 miles away. I got the bad news on my cell phone that Happy has cancer. "It's the fast spreading kind", my Vet said. He thinks he has 1 to 2 months. As you may remember, only 3 or 4 months ago, he was the healthiest 13 year old around, according to my Vet. I can't believe how fast this has happened. For now, Happy is on an anti-inflammatory and he has pain pills for the after pain of the surgery. He's doing pretty good. We'll take each day as it comes. I treat each day an normal as I can, but a little extra special for him. It's breaking my heart. I've cried a thousand tears and still have more. I know you will understand that for now, I need to spend time with my little Happy and not blogging.  A little extra loving. A few extra treats. Back rubs. Maybe even a bird to smell just for fun. He's been a loyal companion, and the best bird dog. I can not do enough to make his last days easier and I pray his departure will be easy.

As is the "Circle of Life" , we do have a litter of puppies due this Thursday. I will post photo's of those and let you now when they are born., for those taking a puppy.

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  1. O wow Karen I didnt realize that they gave him so little time! We have been thinking about him and I am sure his final days will be filled with lots of love. I am hopeful that the time you spend together will give you closure. You take your much needed time with your Ole' boy and your readers will be here waiting for you!

    Ps Even though the Hub said "NO MORE DOGS"... I cant wait to see your baby pics! Lee did look at them the other day and said "awe, those little guys are cute"!? :)


  2. Karen,
    I am so sorry to hear the sad news about Happy. My heart breaks for the both of you. Yes indeed, lots of extra special goodies of all kinds and I know you are savoring each moment. I too wish Happy a peaceful and painless passing. My thoughts are with you both.

  3. Karen, I'm so sorry to hear about Happy. Having an old dog myself I can understand how you feel. My wife went on a trip to France and I elected to stay home and spend some time with Ginger. She too is going downhill pretty fast and I wanted to spend some time with her. Sometime the best time together is when you realize what a precious commodity it really is.

  4. Leigh, Terry and Art, Thanks so much for your comforting words. It means a lot to me because I know you understand. Art, I'm so sorry to hear Ginger isn't doing so well. I'm sad for you both. She is so lucky to have you to care for her. It's heartbreaking to watch our old friends become sick and weak. I'm giving Happy some egg beaters and cheese each morning to take his pills with. He really loves it and I know it's good for him. I'll do anything I can to help him through this. I know you guys would all do the same. Thanks for being there for me and Happy.

  5. Karen...


    Sorry to hear about Happy! It's the unfortunate thing about bird dog ownership!

  6. I am very sorry to hear that, Karen. 13 years as a bird dogs friend. It's tough. A new puppy may help you bounce back, though. Smoothed things over a little for me when I had to put my golden retriever of 13 years down.

    I'm sure the new puppies will bring some smiles!

  7. Thanks Shawn and Casey. Having the puppies will be a mixed blessing.

  8. Oh no, Karen you, Happy and Dan are in out thoughts and prayers.
    I have lots of great memories of Happy, hunting, hanging out around the fireplace. He is good care with you.

  9. I'm very sorry to read this, Karen...

    This is the worst part of accepting from, and giving our love to, a dog.

    Very sad... I wish Happy peace.