Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dogs Instinctively Hide Their Pain

Did you know that dogs instinctively hide their pain? Survival of the fittest. The strong survive, the weak do not. So it makes it more important for us to keep a good eye out for unusual behavior. Some people keep a diary of their pets lives. I wouldn't go that far, but you could make notes in their shot record, of any allergies, conditions, surgeries or illnesses.

If you notice a sudden change in his activity level, behavior, appetite, thirst or frequency in urination, there may be a problem. If you have noticed an increase in his breathing rate, unsteady walking, unexplained weight loss, or if his gums are white, gray, blue, or yellow,  he should be taken to the vet.

Be aware of any breed specific conditions or diseases. Regular Vet checks and immunizations are a crucial part of your dog living his best life.

Our dogs count on us to take care of them. Sit down with your pet every day for just a few minutes and do a "once over" check. Watch your pet for a reaction to pain. Check for lumps, bumps, and cysts.
Anything unusual should be checked by a Vet.

Source: DogAge.Com

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  1. I couldnt agree more, Karen. The daily once over is very important... the guilt that one could face once something that has been found that otherwise had gone undetected, is awful.