Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gordon Setter Puppies For Sale


Papa Dog
"Blackie" Sure Thing Blackjack

J.J. was bred to Blackie this week. We got three breeding's, April 15, 17, & 19. We expect a litter June 17th. This is J.J.'s second breeding. Her first litter out of Blackie produced  excellent pups.

  Momma Dog
"JJ" Springset After Midnight

I have had the opportunity to hunt with a couple of these Gordons and the feedback on her last litter has been excellent. Excellent nose and beautiful style.

Karen has most of the litter spoken for, but if you are looking for an excellent hunting companion, you might want to give her a call! DWT

From JJ's and Blackie's previous litter (Fall 2008)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             SOLD OUT - TAKING ORDERS FOR NEXT LITTER


  1. You couldn't parcel one up for the uk? Only teasing, great looking litter and dogs though.

  2. Leigh and John, Thanks! If you think these are cute.....wait until you see the upcoming litter grow week by week. I plan on posting pics each week.

    And John, I don't think the UPS would bring you a puppy,(lol) but if you ever get to the states, Montana specifically, we'd be happy to take you on a grouse hunt with a Gordon Setter! And of course, Lucy is always welcome. She'd love it here, we have lots of rain and mud during bird season!

  3. Karen,
    Hope things in Montana are fine, had a great Christmas here in Pa, the Grouse hunting has been fantastic this season. Tell Dan I said hello and Kenny Graft is looking forward to one of your Sure Thing Gordon Grouse pups.

    Dave Buehner
    Pine Creek Grouse Dog Trainers

  4. Hi Dave, Thanks for stopping by! We know Mickey will come into season soon but she is taking her sweet time about it. Grouse season this year was at it's worst in over 25 years. Poor dogs hardly got a chance to smell a bird all season. Glad you guys did better!!