Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Boone, The Gordon Setter, and The Brazil Nuts Incident

This is Boone. You met him in the last post. Here's the other mishap, published from Luera's email, with her full permission.

Luera's email:

I want to pass along a little mishap that happened today.  Boone got into some Brasil nuts and ate about a half dozen or so.  Within a two hour span he was at the vet because his whole face swelled up and he got sick and was very lethargic-didn't even want to get up from the floor.  He got a shot and the vet ran charcoal through his system to make sure everything was out.  He's okay now but boy that was a little scary.  The doctor said that he'd only heard that Macadamia nuts were poisonous and nothing about the Brasil's, however there is a mold/fungus that sometimes covers the nuts and it is poisonous.  Another expensive lesson for 2010 and it's only March.  He said to watch him with peanut products too.


  1. The poor thing! But I've never heard of the charcoal treatment. Where can I learn more about that?

  2. Hi Karen,
    Strange one that charcoal treatment, mind you Lucy is very allergic to clean water!!!

  3. Hi John!
    Charcoal probably would not help Lucy. She would have to eat it, not ROLL IN IT!