Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Boone, The Gordon Setter, and The Beef Bone Incident

Meet Boone. Boone recently had a very scary incident and his Mom, Luera, shared the story with me. This is actually, the first story of two, for Boone. Poor guy. He's  had a pretty rough start to 2010. The story below was written by Luera, and sent to me in an email. She gave me full permission to print it.

         A lesson to be learned about giving our dogs bones. 
            Something that we have all done.

        From Luera:

We've had our first mishap for 2010.  My mother thought she was being a great "grandmother" and had saved bones from a round steak for the dogs.  Yep, it happened!  Boone had a great time until the bone flipped under his jaw and got stuck.  I tried working it off and logistically it should have flipped back the way it came.  But by the time he allowed me to try his tongue had swollen a bit and it and the lips were getting pinched.  It was President's Day weekend and finding my vet didn't happen (his emergency line went to a clinic in Post Falls).  Fortunately, North Idaho Animal Hospital was on the spot.  They knocked him out and sawed it off.  He suffered nothing more than some skin irritation.  I suffered a minor heart palpitation as I signed a check for what amounted to a $250 doggie treat.  Lesson painfully learned!

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  1. Poor Boone and poorer Laura. This is entirely in sync with my philosophy that no good deed goes unpunished.