Saturday, March 6, 2010

Adequan - Giving Ginger Her Life Back

                      Art,  I think you actually caught her smiling this time!!

If you've been following the progress of "Ginger",  a sweet little 15 yr. old Gordon Setter with debilitating arthritis, you'll be glad to know she is doing very well.  Her owner,  ArtOC,  started a treatment of Adequan on Jan. 27. Art has been giving her the injections himself. 

If you'd like to read this story from the beginning and get an idea of the cost for your dog,  go here:

This is the update I received from ArtOC today. WOW!

 A lot of the snow has finally melted and there are bare patches where the sun shines directly on the ground.  Spring is right around the corner and the dogs are more than ready.  I've started giving the Adequan about every 7 days and that seems to work fine.  Ginger is much more active and is able to navigate the steps pretty well.  She has been going out and walking abound the yard for longer periods of time.  I'm really pleased with the results.  At the end of December I wasn't sure that Ginger was going to be able to walk much longer and now she is able to pretty much do what she wants.  She is obviously more comfortable.  She follows us around, wants to go on longer walks and is once again a pest at the table. 

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