Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 1- Ginger Starts Adequan - Great News!

This is a copy of the emails between ArtOC and myself, discussing the Adequan treatment for Ginger,  Arts 15 year old Gordon Setter pictured in the previous blog. Ginger got her first shot today.

It is a nice picture of her and she is very sweet.  She was about 58 lbs then and she's down to 44 lbs now.  We had to get her weight down to improve her mobility because of the arthritis.  She definitely aged more quickly as she approached 13 years old.  Anyway,  I was very surprised at the improvement since yesterday.  This morning she got herself up and came into the kitchen while I was making their food.  She was under foot and begging for some cinnamon toast with Erin, something she has not been able to do for several weeks.  She was definitely more steady on her feet and getting up and down with less difficulty.  Still a long way to go but I'm encouraged by the what I saw in only a day.

This was the first email I read today. It was a great way to start my day! Imagining Ginger in the kitchen (just like Happy) standing there watching you and waiting for a bite. Makes me happy to think about it. I was surprised to hear of this much of an improvement, this fast, and I hope this improvement will stick with her and make her "golden years" easier. I sure hope you give her a bite of that cinnamon toast!
Losing 14 lbs. has to be better for her joints also. I'm sure it will add to the quality of life for her. Would you mind if I posted your email, so others can read about her improvement? Personally, I am very encouraged, knowing there is something to turn to when the time comes for Happy. Reading articles and forums for info for the blog, I read about a lot of dogs with aging  joints and incontinence. It's so sad. It's nice to have some GOOD news!
Sure, go ahead and use it.  I hope she keeps improving.  After I left for work Darlene took her out for a walk and she did really well.  After the walk, she put her back in the house and took out Erin. When she returned, Gin was out in the yard, which means she went out the back door and down the stairs.  Something she couldn't do the day before.  I just hope she doesn't overdo it and hurt herself.  She is very frail.  And yes, the two of them got most of the cinnamon toast.  I know I read that you could see some improvement in a few hours but this really surprised me.  I assumed it would be incremental and take several weeks.

That's sounds wonderful! But, like you, I'd be careful to not let her over do it. Especially if you've got any snow or ice in the yard, like us.  I'm happy to hear they both got some cinnamon toast. I know just getting in line was a treat for Ginger! I'd like to keep posting her progress so keep us informed!

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