Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Pics From ArtOC in Maryland - 40 INCHES!!

From ArtOC :   "Well the storm lived up to expectations and dumped another 16 inches on top of the 24 inches we got a few days ago.  Not that big a problem up here in the country but Baltimore is in a bad way.  The streets are too narrow to plow and there are cars everywhere.  There is nowhere to put the snow. I feel sorry for the those folks, especially the elderly, who have to get somewhere."

ArtOC's Yard

I've been out of town since early Wed. I went to visit my daughter and her 3 boys while her husband was working out of town. Had a blast with my boys, but they can sure tire me out! ha ha

Started checking my email and found these pics from ArtOC - he's in Maryland. Man! What a snow storm! Art tells me that Maryland usually gets no where near the snow they are getting this year....or I should say this WEEK. They really got dumped on. Usually, that is the weather that Montana gets this time of year, but my yard actually has plenty of grass showing......very little snow.

I think ArtOC has my Snow. That's okay, I don't mind sharing. You can even keep it until Spring, if you want to,  Art! I'm pretty sure we'll get more next year.