Sunday, February 14, 2010

FREE E-BOOK How to Break Up A Dog Fight - Without Getting Hurt

I ran across this FREE E-Book on how to break up dog fights. Now not that Gordon Setter owners have to worry about this a lot, but it's good information to know and it's FREE.

Ed Frawley is the owner and trainer at Leerburg Kennel in Menomonie, WI. He has been a trainer and dog breeder for 45 years. He mainly breeds working German Shepards.

If you go to his website,, you'll find over 35 E-Books on different subjects. Almost all of them are FREE. He also has a wide selection of DVD's and training equipment. You can sign up to receive a catalog.

NOTE: I have never met Mr. Frawley, and I am not affiliated with him or his kennel, what so ever. I simply ran across the website and really liked his way of thinking. At least what I have seen.

My attitude is, you learn everything you can, then apply it to your own situation and needs.


  1. When you have more than one dog... dog fights can to happen, as dogs have their bad days just like the rest of us.
    I learned first hand not to ever get in the midst of a squabble. I ended up with riped pants severely bruised elbow and four jamed fingers. The babes we have, would never intentionally hurt anyone but it was a territorial fight that started with one of the dogs getting too close to a pup. I was just being stupid when I jumped in. Great article. I never would have thought about pulling on their back legs.

  2. You are so right Leigh. And our Gordons are very gentle also, but once in a while......someone gets out of sorts and starts trouble. My husband, Dan, also tried to break up a fight and got bit by one of our most gentle Gordons. Even the most gentle dog, will bite in response, when fighting with another dog, or when they are in pain. It wasn't stupid, what you did, you just didn't have the info you needed to do it safely. Thanks for your story. I hope this will prevent anyone from getting some serious injuries.

  3. I've been to this site before. Good info. My little setter, Erin, got into a brief fight last week during the big snow storm when my neighbors retriever showed up and laid into her. Fortunately Erin started crying and took off and no one was hurt but I was just getting ready to step in and try and break them up. I'll know better next time!