Friday, January 8, 2010

Iron Creek Kennels "Copper" / Follow-up

Kerry and Copper                                                                                
Kerry & Roxanne have a few words they wanted to add about Copper, their beloved Gordon Setter who died recently. For the original posting, click on the Link above.

By Kerry & Roxanne Tunison, Iron Creek Kennels, Troy, Montana:

Copper was born on 10-26-95 and died on 12-14-09 at a little more than 14 years old.
She hunted and pointed hundreds of grouse and pheasants through her years.

She lost her hearing 2 years ago, but  still hunted regardless. She loved to find birds in the trees. She would go on point and hold until you came in to flush them, but it is hard to flush a bird in the trees.

When no other dog could find any birds in the field, you could send in Copper and she would always come up with at least one bird.

She loved to be the boss of all the other dogs and they all did what she wanted them to, inside the house or in the kennels, and even hunting birds.

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  1. Very sorry to hear about your loss, as it is never easy. We actually purchased a pup from you about 4 years ago .Trapped is an amazing animal and we love him very much .he hunts with me and loves being with the family at all times. We are thinking about breeding him, if you know of anyone whom you would recommend please email us at Once again we are very sorry for your loss, Josh and Piney.