Monday, December 21, 2009

Good-Bye To Iron Creek Kennel's Gordon Setter, "Copper"

Our friends, Kerry and Roxanne Tunison, lost their beloved Gordon Setter, "Copper", last week. Kerry and Roxanne operate Iron Creek Kennels in Troy, Montana. We met Kerry and Roxanne about 16 yrs. ago at the local trap and turkey shoots, and invited him on a grouse hunt with Peat. Kerry fell in love with Gordons and Grouse hunting.

Kerry purchased Copper, a chocolate pup from Springset A Sure Thing, "Peat" and Springset Special Effect, " Celtie". Kerry then began a breeding program that has produced NSTRA champions.  Our Sure Thing Sweet Mickey is from Iron Creek Kennels and she is superb.

                         Kerry & Copper with a Grouse

                 Below, Kerry and Copper take First Place

          Kerry, With Copper, Thunder, Breezie, and Hank - 1999

Our hearts go out to you, Kerry & Roxanne,  and we thank you for all the wonderful work you have done for Gordon Setters. Copper was lucky to grow up in your kennel.


  1. Kerry -
    Very sad to hear of Copper's passing. Having had a Peat x Celti pup, Moxie, I can appreciate what a great breeding that was. Happy is the last of his kind! Sorry I didn't get to hunt with you this year. Dan took me out with Mickey, what a great dog. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  2. Kerry, Sorry to hear about Copper. We've all lost hunting partners, and will again. It never gets easy. I hope Copper is where all the birds hold tight, and the gunners never miss.