Monday, November 16, 2009

Where Will The Breeze Lead Your Bird Dog?

I was at the computer this morning and looked out the window at a light snow that was blowing by in a southerly direction. Out the window on my left, the snow was blowing in a northerly direction. I looked out across the yard and the wind was blowing against a row of cedar trees. The breeze hit this obstruction and the snow was blowing straight up.  A breeze follows the path of least resistance, just like water flowing down a stream. One of our fishing areas is called Big Eddy and the current in the big bay flows upstream in a huge swirl. If we could see the wind while out hunting, we would see breezes blowing in swirls, eddy currents, cyclonic patterns and even upwards and downwards directions. Our dogs are searching these constantly shifting, scent carrying breezes to lead them, and us, to Grouse. We need all the help we can get and working into the breeze gives us and our dogs an advantage but it is not always possible. Even when working into the breeze your dog can get caught upwind of a bird that sits in a swirling air current. I have often wondered how a good dog could bust a grouse like it never smelled it at all. I think these wayward air currents explain some of those situations. DWT

  Blackie on point , Grouse  Oct. 09'
      Photo By: Karen Thomason
      Top Two Photos Courtesy Google

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