Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hunting Dogs Sniffing Out Peanuts at Angel Service Dogs

It never ceases to amaze me the things that humans teach animals, and particularly dogs, to do. I love to highlight these in my blog.

One such place is the non-profit organization, Angel Service Dogs Inc. located in Monument Colorado. Owned by Brett and Sherry Mer, Angel Service Dogs Inc. is dedicated to children and adults a like who have sever allergies that are life threatening, on a day to day basis. The Mers have 2 children who have such allergies and this is what started their pursuit to find the perfect dog as a companion and "care taker" for their first born.

The Mers' learned about Allergy Alert dogs, also sometimes called peanut dogs. Dogs that are trained to "sniff out" certain foods that their human companions are allergic to.

Angel Service Dogs Inc. is designed to support the acquisition, training, and placement of highly trained Allergy Alert Dogs for sufferers of life-threatening allergies; and the distribution of related educational material to churches and civic groups allowing them to create and maintain a safe environment for those challenged with this hidden disabilities.

The service uses dogs that are allergy friendly, no shedders, such as Australian Labradoodles and Portuguese Water Dogs. They also use German Shorthair Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and Golden Retrievers. Dogs are trained and placed, according to the needs of the soon to be human companion.

This seems to me to be quite an amazing place. I hope you'll visit their web site and spread the word of these amazing dogs.


  1. Janet used to take one of our Scottish Terriers, Mazzie, regularly a seniors home. She found this to be quite rewarding for the tenants and herself. Many tenants who showed very little outward interest or emotion were very happy and much more animated that usual when they could pet a dog on their lap.

  2. Dogs truelly are amazing. When you let them into your life.... there is a link.They are so unique in their talents/ capabilities.
    I always wanted to do the search and rescue training with my dog. After researching it for a while, I know this probably sounds crazy but I worried if he didnt bring someone home alive he would have been devastated... so I opted out.

  3. Al, I can only imagine how happy Mazzie must have made the seniors. A dogs love is so genuine and pure. We always accept it as true.

    And Leigh, no, that doesn't sound crazy. I have heard, from stories of 911, that the dogs who do rescue work, get depressed when they are constantly finding dead people. (as in 911) Sometime the trainers will even play games with them, so they can "find" live people, to keep their spirit up. Rescue work can be very hard on a dog and it takes a special dog to do it.