Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Today She was, "Mickey the Magnificent"

Justin & Mickey Photo By: Dan Thomason

Took a walk with my neighbor this evening. Took Mickey and our shot guns. (Of course) Mickey stuck a nice one. She got real birdy, worked a few feet, and locked up tight looking down off the top bench at Platt's farm. Some of you guys know the spot. My neighbor, Justin, positioned himself on one side and I on the other. We were both ready, but when the Grouse flushed it hopped up in a Cedar tree. Normally, I do not shoot grouse out of the trees. But in this case, I asked Justin to shoot it. I believe you need to reward a dog for a job well done and Mickey deserved to get some feathers in her mouth. She was magnificent. Absolute perfection. I followed behind in the van as Justin and Blackie worked down into the creek bed. They put up a few birds but no points or shots. Altogether, we flushed 5, and got one.

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