Monday, October 26, 2009

Specific Grouse - Specific Bird Dog

Photos By Karen Thomason

It rained hard all Friday night and it was pretty windy Saturday afternoon, but I had a few calm hours to hunt before night fall so I took advantage of it. I wanted a specific grouse, a big adult male Grouse I've spotted a few times in the last month. I have flushed this bird a few times and Happy got a point on him last week but no shot was made. I took old Gracie along, this time, specifically for this bird. She's a Gordon Setter that is a veteran hunter and has seen every dirty trick a Grouse can pull. Grace will slowly track a running bird in a mobile point. Never getting too close, yet keeping in contact with the grouse. I tried a new tactic this time, of working high above the cover and moving in from a different direction. The wind was in our favor as Gracie hit the edge of this particular Cedar grove where I had moved the bird before. She worked slowly and thoroughly, through the berry patches and into the grove. Nothing happened. Nobody home? Not even a whiff of Grouse scent to get Gracie's tail wagging. This Big Grouse was probably up in a tree, out of the wind, and I imagine, got quite a chuckle out of our antics. He shouldn't laugh too much though.......there's still lots of days left in the Grouse season!

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