Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pitiful Little Puppy Needs Your Help

Photo From Associated Press

I know this isn't a Gordon Setter, or even a bird dog, but is it not one of the most pitiful little creature you've ever seen? He suffers from Hydrocephalus, which means he has water on the brain. This poor little puppy, only 8 months old and blind, was found abandoned at a grocery store in Boston. Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston, has taken him in and are accepting donations for the surgery to relieve the pressure on his brain, and drain the fluid. If he gets the surgery he will probably live a quality life, but he will, most likely, still be blind. Without the surgery he will die. Click on the title for the link to Angell Animal Medical Center.

I don't understand the kind of person that could "acquire" a dog, or any animal for that matter, then just "dump" them off somewhere like trash. It doesn't seem possible that a dog this small, and of this kind, could have been born on the streets of Boston, in February, and manage to survive for 8 months. I can only assume he was dumped because of his problems.

Animals aren't trash to be dumped off when they become less useful to us. They are living beings, with a beating heart capable of loving us, and a working brain that can, and has, accomplished great things. They are best friends with little boys, guide dogs to the blind, and companionship for the elderly. They are hunters and herders. They sniff out bombs and drugs and cancer. They even join our police forces and armed forces of America to help protect us. They have a God given RIGHT to life. And Life should be respected.

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