Saturday, October 10, 2009

One Hunt - Three Generations Afield

Photo's By Karen Thomason

Gracie - top

Jack - middle

Blackie - bottom

A few days ago I went to a creek bed upstream from here a little ways. I took three dogs along that afternoon. Gracie, who will be 11 yrs. old this spring. Her son, Blackie, will be 5 yrs. old about the same time. Blackie's son, Jack, was 1 yr. old last week. I was hunting with three generations. It was fun to watch the similarities, and differences between them. Grace and Blackie are heavily built while Jack is more like his Grandsire, Freedom. Jack handles like his sire Blackie, but is much more elegant in his approach compared to Blackie's bull of the woods attitude. Grace is a veteran, Blackie has just come into his own and Jack looks like a great bird dog in the making. It was very exciting. I'm looking forward to hunting with the next generation. DWT

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